A pot still is traditionally used to distil alcoholic spirits such as whisky and whisky, but now you can serve your favourite whisky straight from a pot still too, with this unique and refillable glass whisky decanter on an oak wooden stand.

The glass tube of the pot still is decoratively filled with barley kernels, and the whisky is served from a gold-coloured plastic tap into two stylish whisky glasses which come included. The pot still can hold 350ml of whatever whisky you have at home, and because it is completely refillable it can be topped up with whichever whisky is your favourite at the time.

If you are looking for a perfect retirement present, anniversary gift, or wedding present, we can engrave your own personal message onto a black coloured plaque. You can also choose between the standard cardboard presentation box, which is free of charge, or go for an extra special Premium Presentation Box.

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